The Moments We Share

Non-verbal communication is defined as any behavior—voluntary or involuntary, aside from words themselves that pass on any meaning. Through this project, I explore the effects of our behavior and actions, and examines the emotional and physical impact that it can have on another individual. By understanding the small nuances, and factors that affect how we interpret messages verbally and non-verbally, we can get a better understanding of how people truly feel.

James March Instructor
Zachery Eng Designer
Friends User Testers
Judy Gu Photographer
TMWS cover
Photo of installation

First Exploration - Digital

Through a digital website, I designed a simulation that takes people through the internal turmoil that goes on within the mind, replicating how it feels to overthink. In order to proceed forward, you must find the correct links.

stills of website

Second Exploration - Print

Upon initial contact with a stranger, we go through our own personal archives and develop our own beliefs based on similar experiences. We view them using that filter—how they look, behave and or act. Through this experiment, I examined the variance between reactions and statements from different individuals shown the same images—as well as parts of the body.

Flat lay of book
unfolded flat lay of book

Third Exploration - Photography

My third exploration looked at how perspective plays a role in communication. It is important to consider different outlooks when assessing a problem as there are always two sides to a coin. I staged a photoshoot to show various forms of intimacy from my point of view.

Photo series showing intimacy 01
Photo series showing intimacy 02
Photo series showing intimacy 03

Combined Exploration - Installation

Using thermochromic ink, which reacts upon contact with heat, two individuals must work together to create a thermal reaction by using the warmth of their hands in the same spot on both sides of the Plexiglas. This cooperation reflects the necessity and the effort needed by both parties to create clarity and understanding in communication.

Construction instructions of installation
Bring it to life from concept to reality
How the heat ink works