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Estimated 50 to 70 million adults in the United States suffer from sleep disorder, with a large percentage being college and university students.


Visual Design
Information Design
Product Design



Printed Pamphlet

To bring awareness to the problem of sleep deprivation, I created a printed pamphlet explaining the symptoms and side effects that come along with not sleeping. The printed pamphlet was created for easy accessibility to hand out on campus.

Accompanied Website

Web design can offer a variety of interactions in comparison to print. To accompany the printed pamphlet, I created a website to appeal to an online audience, generating the opportunity for users to spread the word through a virtual link.

Brand Styling

I chose somber colours that would imitate the qualities of night life. The shades of purple were used to replicate dusk, while the vibrant oranges and red were used to simulate the alerting quality of street signs.

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