Information Design


(3 Months)


Research, Ideation, Visuals, Branding, Information Design, UI/UX, Prototyping


Zachery Eng


Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, Principle


Awarded Bronze for the 2018 ADCC Student Competition
Applied Arts Student Awards


"Sleep deprivation increases the likelihood students will suffer a myriad of negative consequences, including an inability to concentrate, poor grades, drowsy-driving incidents, anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide and even suicide attempts."

Design Challenge

How might I bring awareness of the effects of sleep deprivation and encourage people to sleep more?


To bring awareness to the problem of sleep deprivation, I created a printed pamphlet and interactive website. The pamphlet allows for easy accessibility—as it can be easily handed out on campus and or at school events, while the digital website is built for deeper analysis into the problem. As well as it can be easily shared among family and friends.

Initial Research

As an individual who has difficulties squeezing in time to sleep, I wanted understand the consequences of not getting enough sleep. Along side what causes it? How does it effect us? What are the common symptoms resulting from it? As well as is there a way to recover from it?

  • How might we inform others about this problem?

  • How might we encourage others to sleep more?

  • How might we influence others to spread the word?


After gathering all the key information on sleep deprivation, I started to group similar information together to see if there was a trend or narratives that I could create out of it.

As a printed pamphlet was going to be one of my deliverables, I wanted to take into consideration how a reader might interact with the physical piece. What is the most effect way to lay the information? How might I take advantage of the folding technique used to further/advance the narrative?

While playing with paper, I discovered the natural folds of the paper can act as divider of information. In this way, I decided to incorporate that aspect into my design.

In tandem, the information in the pamphlet is laid out in a sequential order to relate to the reader on a personal level at the beginning—through games and quizzes, to becoming more vast as it goes on.

Visual Design

To envision the colour tone and feel of sleep, cool hues of blue were used as a primary colour. In contrast, the colours red and orange where used to signify the dangers and risks that sleep deprivation could have, thus it is used to highlight the important information around the page.

Through further research, I discovered that there is a higher chance on memorizing information through images than through text. Therefore, I used playful and vivid illustrations to contrast the serious tone of the topic.

Final Product

In order to advocate to students, I chose to create a printed pamphlet and interactive website to convey the information.

  • Cover

    A brief analysis of symptoms and characteristics attached to sleep deprivation, conducted through a quiz format to draw readers’ attention.

  • Inside Spread

    A world wide research into how much sleep other students get—to give comparison to get a better sense into.

  • Gate Spread

    Explanation into what happens to us when we don’t get enough sleep, and the aftermath resulting from them.

  • Poster Spread

    Highlights the long/short term effects of sleep deprivation, with suggestions on how you could improve your sleeping habits.


With the limitation of print—size and space, I decided to create a platform in which users can take a deeper dive into the problem of sleep deprivation; through short interaction such as pop-ups, hotlinks and micro animation. This transition of information into a digital space allows for further engagement on a wider scale.

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