Oble Smart Inhaler

Asthma is one of the most common chronic lung disease among children. Poorly controlled and undiagnosed asthma can result in trips to the emergency room. In addition, the process of asthma treatment is very complex. With a large percentage of kids not knowing how to use their inhalers properly, how can we simplify the process and make it more understandable? Worked on a team comprised of 4 designers—including myself.

James March Instructor
Zachery Eng Designer
Mohit Gupta Designer
Carson Young Designer
David Luong Designer
Oble logo
Oble Product
Animation stills

Final Product

Oble is an easy to use, friendly smart inhaler designed for children that combines the standard inhaler with the spacer into a single component. With it's companion app, Oble can help assist children taking their medication more efficiently without any prior assembly.

Oble Inhaler
Oble instructions
Oble sleeves and stickers

Oble Application

Oble's companion app is designed for parents to help administer medication that assisted in the maintenance of their child's health. By tracking their breathing efficiency with each use, the app also offers breathing practice exercises to help the child improve their proper use of Oble, or indicate whether the child is having any difficulties.

Oble application
Oble application

Brand Styling

A balance of professionalism and playfulness was considered with the demographic being children and parents. Blue was used for its trustworthiness and coral for its loud playful qualities. The soft rounded illustrations and type complemented the playful characteristics of Oble.

Brand typefaces
Brand colours
Brand illustrations