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Hub climbing is Canada's largest bouldering gym. I rebranded their facility to better match with their mission to attract new climbers.

Personal project. Photo credits to Evan Jenkins.


Brand Identity
Art Direction
Visual Design



Branding Position

Hub inspires to 'Expand your reach'. While broadening your horizon to try new things, meet new people and expand the community of bouldering.

Brand Illustration

In addition to adding a quirky element to the brand, the illustrations serve as an educational element. Each character mimics a type of hold or piece of equipment used in the facility, helping new climbers educate themselves about the sport.

Brand Styling

Bewle serves as a reflection of the stability given by the Hub, the neutral earth tones mimics the warm and comfy that they emit, and the witty copy and illustrations represent the overall atmosphere of the gym.

Next Project

Art Direction, Installation