Product Design


(3 Months)


Research, Ideation, UI/UX, User testing, Prototyping, Visuals, Branding


Zachery Eng, Rachel Cheng, Carolyne Gogogta (Three Designers)


Sketch, Figma, InVision, After Effects


York University and Sheridan College’s equipment loan process is all done on paper. This often results in untracked information, constant overdue items, disorganized equipment and creates the potential for losing documentation.

Design Challenge

How might we make the equipment check in and out process more organized and efficient for students, staff and administration?


Equipd is an online platform designed to improve the current equipment loan service at YSDN. The platform allows an easy equipment booking process for students, intuitive and easy booking process for monitors, and an easier managing system for administrators.

Initial Research

To develop a better understanding of the current situation—and to avoid any biased judgment, we wanted to have open disucssions with other individuals about their thoughts and challenges with the current system. As a result, we discovered a few commonalities between problems faced with the system. Through these small communication sessions, it allowed us to not only identify where the current system lacked assistance, but also pointed out key areas in which we could improve.

  • Paper

    The current system is fully paper based. This may result in a lot of lost information and double bookings.

  • Communication

    Information can be misinterpreted and communicated between workers and administrators.

  • Management

    As a result of the paper system, items are not always properly signed out. This results in missing pieces and components that are not accounted for.

  • Overdue Items

    With no consequences for overdue loans, students generally keep equipment longer then their allotted timeslot.

To help re-orient ourselves, we compiled our findings and structured it into a pact analysis, user persona chart, as well as journey map to help us visually identify the current problems.


After building the foundation of our research—identifying who we are designing for and the current challenges faced, we started to ideate possible site structures and features that could be included in the site. As we added to this chart, we prioritized their level of importance to help us identify which features are key to have. 

System Requirement Chart

From this point forward in the project, our team broke up into different areas of the website. I focused more on the user experience of the catalog pages for both admin and students.

Competitive Reseach

To better understand, I wanted to see how other people approach sorting and cataloging information. What is the most efficient way of accomplishing this?

Admin Visual Development

  • Search engine

    While conducting our user testing, one thing that I discovered was that the technician would always want to go straight for the search engine to navigate where they wanted to go.

  • Simplicity

    With all the functions and capabilities that we wanted our site to have, we realized that less is more. This would ultimately make the program straightforward and efficient.

Student Visual Development

  • More Visual

    Students tend to be visual oriented when it comes to what they are searching for. By making some of the elements more visual, users may have a better and faster experience.

Design System

With the product geared towards students as well as administrators, we decided to create a brand which displays a friendly yet professional tone.

We used the colour blue as our primary colour to emit the feeling of trust and loyalty to our users. Followed by neutral colours of grey and black to add more sophistication and professionalism into the brand.

Final Product

Equipd is a platform that improves the current rental program of YSDN. For admin, through its quick notification system, monitors through its simple and intuitive navigations, and for students with its more visual and informative item availability.

Monitor - Adding to Catalog

By simplifying and creating a straightforward inputting system, monitors and administrators can go about their job more affective and efficiently without any additional hassle.

Monitor - Damage Report

With Equipd’s quick sorting functions, items that are booked or damaged can be easily found with a click of a button. Not only does this make the process of figuring out what is currently signed out, effortless, but also makes the notification to the administrators about a broken item faster and direct.

Student - Item Availability

One problem that a lot of students face with the current loaning system is the fact that until you got the rental counter, you were never guaranteed to get what you are looking for. With this new system, Equipd will show you which items are available online with a click of a button.

Student - Renting